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    Hello, I am currently an incoming high school Junior ready to start my application to USMA, and would like to receive feedback on what I could improve on.
    I ranked top of my class my freshman, and sophomore year and have maintained a 4.o (unweighted) GPA. I have taken four AP classes, and passed the exams to receive college credit. I am currently taking four more AP classes. I feel like academics, is what would "sell" my application. I achieved a 31 on my ACT, and am currently studying to take the SAT.
    My extracurricular activities include participating in my school's Varsity Cross Country and Varsity Track team at my school. My family is military, so I moved in the duration of my high school career. It is unlikely the position of Team Captain will fall to me, due to my brief time with the team.
    Although, I am the president of my school's Interact Club- a rotary sponsored club which focuses on community service. My involvement in Interact Club has contributed to myself gaining 200+ service hours. I am also in my school's chapter of National Honors Society.
    I am worried about my application because there is not a American Legion chapter in my state and I am also moving again, possibly during the process of applying for a congressional nomination. I am also eligible for a presidential nomination, and would to apply for one too. Any suggestions on my current dilemma or how to make my application more appealing?
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    The American Legion has nearly 14,000 posts in every community in the United States. In addition to posts in every state, the Legion has posts in the District of Columbia, France, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Philippines.
    Source: The American Legion
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    Not sure why this would be a concern as it really has nothing to do with applying to USMA or getting a NOM. American Legion hosts the Boys/Girls States events, if that is what you are referring to. Check their website for nearest location if you concerned about applying to Boys/Girls State (can't tell from your 1 post if male or female).