Thyroid - Marines


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Jan 7, 2009
My son is interested in the Marines. Does anyone know if having the thyroid removed is a disqualification? According to the DOD standards, hypothyroidism uncontrolled by medication is a disqualification. I presume that having the thyroid removed is an extreme case of hypothyroidism, and his is controlled by medication.

According to the Recruiter, if my son wanted to enlist, he would have to pass the 92 day bootcamp without medication. That would be impossible in his case.

My son is actually interested in the PLC program so he can get his degree now. The Recruiter was trying to get him to enlist first, and then do the PLC program as an enlisted man. Assuming the Recruiter is correct about no medications during bootcamp, then my son would skip enlisting and go right to Officer through the PLC program. Then the question becomes whether Officer bootcamp has a more relaxed medical standard that would allow him to take his thyroid meds.

So, I guess my questions are:

1) Does having the thyroid removed disqualify him from joining the Marines as an Enlisted man or an Officer?
2) Is that an area where he could get a medical waiver?
3) Is the Recruiter correct that in order to pass bootcamp, my son would have to be off his thyroid meds during the 92 days.
4) If so, is Officer bootcamp any different?
5) Are the other branches more lax in this medical requirement?