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Nov 28, 2007
My son found a couple of ticks on him this morning. They were both burrowed into his skin, but he managed to safely remove them. As a precaution, he went to the doctor to have the areas examined to make sure they were fully removed. Both bite areas are red and the doctor gave him a prescription of antibiotics to prevent infection.

Son is already medically qualified and will attend USAFA Prep School in July. Will Dodmerb require information on the tick bites and how would my son report them?

Simple answer = No. Not for the situation you described. Thx for asking though. Good luck to your son:thumb:
On that note, what if it was a deer tick?
Again, based on the information you provided....Doc looked at it...prescribed antibiotics...and no infection set in, he'd be good to go. "If" residual effects occur at some time after....it would have to be determined what effects (symptoms) those were and an assesment would have to be made at that time.
Mikil - As I answer general questions on a general website that may be devoid of complete and accurate clinical findings, I answer the questions with what I have. As in previous postings, the only way for me to obtain totally accurate answers to questions here, would be to have private email correspondence and a review of the actual medical records. If I go down the "What if's," it may be misleading and that's the last thing we wish to do. Does that help? I will answer the general questions with general answers based on the info provided. Thx for your interest.:thumb:
Yes, it helps. Sorry about that, it was a general question because it's just something I've wondered about it. We have many deer ticks where I live, and I've been bitten by one already this year. No infection or sickness thus far, and it's been a couple of months. I am not an appointee yet, I'm in the process of applying for the class of 2013, and I was curious as to what I should do in the event of being bitten by a deer tick after I (Lord willing ;) ) recieved an appointment. I understand your wish to provide accurate information, and I'm sure if that situation ever occurs, I'll bring the specifics here if I have any questions. Thanks for your quick response, even to my very general inquiry. :)
You are absolutely correct. I need to ensure I caveat my responses correctly to prevent any inadvertant misunderstandings and/or interpretations:):):) Don't get bit:shake: