Time Commitment (Medical School)


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Dec 12, 2016
What are the chances that I am able to attend medical school directly after graduating? Assuming I do go through medical school after graduation, will my time commitment be extended from 8 years to 12 years?
Are you currently a cadet? where are you getting your 8/12 numbers?

The academy sends graduates directly to medical school every year. These spots are hard to get primarily because of the high GPA requirements in combination with the course load/major needed to have all the prerequisites as well as studying for and doing well on the MCAT.

As for a time commitment after, I am not sure, but I know we have some members on this forum who have done it. I can't remember their names on here at the moment though. Have you tried searching?

EDIT: I did a quick search, check out this thread

Medical School Spots/ Advise on Decision

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