Time frame?


Jun 11, 2017
My son is a 1st board AROTC winner. We just got the email yesterday about setting up his DoDMERB medical and vision exams. Is there a time frame these should be done within? I would like to schedule them over the holidays so he would not miss school and also because I am requesting medical records for a couple of things I think we will have to answer "yes" to and I want to be able to have those accurate facts (dates, etc) in my hand before we complete the questionnaire. Is waiting until the holiday break too long? I didnt see anything about a required time frame to get it done.
Get the exams scheduled right away, do not delay. Amy remedial or DQ that require waivers takes months in some cases, my DD went through this Two years ago and I wish someone told us to run to the dr appointments asap.
Thanks. We have the eye exam this monday afterschool. Medical is the 22nd which is the first day he is out of school for the holidays.
appointments have to be registered on the Concorde site within 45 days.