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Sep 6, 2007
If all of my paperwork is in, and the Admissions Director for Great Lakes said he was taking my file to the board soon, what would be a general timeframe of when I'll hear back from the Academy? I already have a nomination for ROTC Honor Unit.

How long does it take the board to make a decision?
I am pretty sure your AO won't send your file to the board unless you are qualified in all areas and you have a nomination. For your file to go this early is surely a good sign.

It is rolling admissions - if your file is complete and you have a nomination you should hear fairly soon.
If I were you I would send your AO an email or call him the end of the week and ask him.
Good Luck!
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I'm not sure if the process is still the same, but the Admissions Board would meet on Tuesdays. Then it would take about 2 weeks before receiving the appointment offer in the mail.

Stare at your mailbox a lot. It's supposed to help.:thumb: Good luck!!