Timing for DODMERB exam


Apr 22, 2016
When can 2nd board winners expect to have their DODMERB physical scheduled?
you schedule them yourself at the location listed in the packet you will recieve
after you schedule you enter them at the DoDMETs (Concorde) website
if you were awarded your exam has probably been requested.
you have 45 days to schedule
you should start the process as soon as possible as remdials can take a long time.
if you go to the Concorde website you should be able to log in and get the information you need without having to wait for the packet
Just to clarify... DS got his scholarship letter today. It says that DODMerb will contact him via mail to direct him to a physician. Sounds like there is an info packet that comes separately from the scholarship letter. Are you saying he should be able to log on now and not wait for that packet to be able to schedule his medical exam? He said he tried to log in but wasn't able to...
If he is in the system (should be by now) he should have been able to log in using name and ssn
he call them at 215-587-9600 and ask.
typically you will see people mentioning receiving their packets here on the forum, have not really seen that yet for the 2nd board
Thanks. I tried logging in for him too and it says incorrect username or password. I'm still a little confused about the process though. He is under the impression that he will be scheduled for his medical appointment. Is that true or does he have to schedule it. If he schedules it himself makes sense to try to log in now so he can get the process started. If they schedule it for you not sure if the benefit of logging in ahead of receiving the packet in the mail. Also any idea how long it typically takes until the packet arrives in the mail?
They assign an eye doctor for the eye exam and a physician for the physical. You schedule the appointments. Eye exam first then physical.