Timing of Nom, appt, and rejects

Discussion in 'Nominations' started by Kukailimoku, Mar 4, 2016.

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    Is there a rhythm to the announcements of Noms, Appts, and Rejects?

    Are there certain months when most of the Noms are announced, most of the appointments offered, and most of the rejections sent?

    Do they come in "waves"? (for example, might 1/3 come out in, say, Jan, and another 1/3 in Mar, an so on?) Or does each Nom/Appt/Reject trickle out in onesies and twosies each week over the course of many months?

    How's it work, and what "gateway months" should we be especially keen toward?

    Or is it all one big unfathomable process?

    I would also be interested if anyone would prefer instead to reference those items in terms of Junior/Senior year. (for example, say, all Seniors know by labor day if they are rejected, or by spirng break if they are serious contenders, whatever...These are just examples)

    In other words, laid against either the regular or school year calendar, what are the metrics to gauge viability as your kid applies and waits?
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    It is great to see your enthusiasm for the subject, as you have pumped out multiple questions on various threads.

    Take a breath, read some of the replies on your Chicken and Egg thread, and may I gently suggest, do some extensive reading here, at the respective Academy Admissions sites, and sites for nomination sources. You can learn a great deal about the cycle from seeing when certain things seem to happen each year, by going back a few years. The pattern becomes clear.

    There are so many questions in your various posts, you are essentially asking people to write very long, detailed posts to answer questions, for which many answers can be found at primary sources. Candidates are expected to be self-starters and do the legwork themselves. Enthusiasm and an inquiring mind are good - try tempering that with some research, note-taking, outlining, comparative analysis and very specific questions.

    There are also books on the process, a few of which have been recommended on various threads here.

    The many experienced and helpful posters on SAF always appreciate someone who has learned the answers to basic questions themselves.

    All this to say - don't stop asking, but push off on your side of the teeter-totter too!
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    Well documented, though each nomination source can have their own nuances to their particular schedule/process



    Well documented
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