Tips for Girls Attending NASS


Apr 14, 2017

I am going to be attending the Naval Academy Summer Seminar this summer and I have been researching about it. I was wondering if any girls who have attended in the past have any tips.

Thanks so much!!!!
What kind of tips are you looking for exactly? There are a lot of different parts to the academy and NASS and it might help to have a few more specific questions to get more answers! I'd be more than happy to answer anything you want, but some generic advice is to prepare for the CFA and go in wanting to get the most out of the experience!
I would give the same tips to a male or female. Get in shape, crush your CFA so you don't have to do it again, be a team player, help each other out, listen, ask questions, learn, have fun, push yourself. Really envision yourself there and think if USNA is the right place for you. Sure there is a social aspect to it and you guys are 16-17 year old kids full of hormones, but remember this isn't a dating game. You are there for a reason, so make friends, but don't get yourselves in trouble.
What is the best way to wear your hair?

If you are a woman, the less time required to "puff and fluff," the better. Something easy to fix, appropriate for workouts or class wear, not date night, no bun required, neat and unfussy.
Like NavyHoops said, most good advice for USNA SS is not gender-specific. Having said that, there are a couple of things that apply only to girls...
- It's a good idea to bring plenty of hair ties, clips, hairspray, etc., but the SS detailers aren't strict about hair. Just make sure it is up and out of your face and will stay that way during strenuous exercise.
- This is probably inherently obvious, but bring PLENTY of feminine hygiene products if you are going to need them that week. Bring extra. You will probably hear at some point a panicked "Does anyone have a tampon?" I was very glad to have extras. ;)
Good luck and have a great time!