TN Appointment

1 out of TN-7 that is not on forum and one from TN-1 for USMA. I think there has been one out of TN-3 for USNA.
There is another appointment for TN 8 that I know of. We are TN 9 and have heard nothing yet.
DD received TWE from USNA today :( Sad day in our household but hoping her first choice USMA comes through with appointment. Good luck to everyone still waiting!
Sorry to hear that, Teragram. Thanks for sharing the news and I hope the USMA comes through soon!
Thank you, she took it better than I did for sure! Fingers crossed for USMA, but if not she has a 4 year AROTC scholarship to Auburn so she will move on that and make decision about reapplying next year after taking some time to grieve.