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    This email was sent yesterday to parents of the Class of 2014 by Deb Dalton. If you are not already on her distribution list, you can contact Deb at the email address in her signature block and she will put you on it. The Parents Facebook page she runs is also invaluable. Remember that Deb is the ONLY place parents can go for reliable OFFICIAL information from West Point put together just for them! Just this letter answers many of the questions I have seen asked repeatedly here on this forum.

    Hello Parents,

    I don't know if you really want to hear this but there are less than 90 days until R Day!

    Over the last couple of months during my admissions briefings there have been questions about the various forms that need to be returned, boots and shoes, and the $2000 deposit.

    Regarding the forms - there is a booklet posted on your son/daughter's candidate log in portal titled, "Instructions for Candidates Offered Admissions". Please download that booklet and print it.

    I suggest getting a cup of coffee or tea and a highlighter. This booklet will be very helpful in navigating the forms. It gives directions as to how to complete most of the forms to include the direct deposit form. It is highly recommended that you work with your son/daughter so they are aware of the information that is required. Try to return the forms sooner than just helps with the record keeping process. Keep a copy of all that you send....just in case!

    If you need a direct deposit form, it can be found at this link;

    Boots - By now the Boot/shoe letter should have been posted on your son/daughter's candidate log in portal. You can print this letter along with the list of locations for military clothing sales stores. I recommend calling the store to see if they have the footwear in stock (to save you a trip) in the event they do not. If you do not have a store close by, you can call to mail order.

    Recommend going to a shoe store where your candidate can be measured for the correct size.

    If you are coming to West Point in the near future for a visit, you are welcome to purchase your shoes/boots at our PX. The staff has been very helpful! Make sure they try on the boots and shoes with the proper socks.

    The $2000 deposit......parents have asked about the deposit. There is a $2000 deposit required. The deposit can also be thought of as commitment money. If the $2000 is a hardship, the money can be deducted from your cadet's pay over time. This amount is deposited into what is called the "cadet account". Expenses such as laundry, haircuts, technology fees, activity/sports fees, books, computer, uniforms, etc., are all deducted from this account. Once they start receiving pay, part of their pay will go into the "cadet account" to continue to cover these costs and the remainder will be deposited into the cadet's personal checking account.

    Cadets can accept scholarships from outside agencies provided the grant is not earmarked for tuition or room and board. Also, if you have a 529 account (college savings), you are allowed to use money from this account for the $2000 deposit. If requesting money from a 529 account, it is suggested that you send a copy of your son/daughter's appointment letter along with the request.

    Acceptance Day information...we do have a Frequently Asked Questions sheet regarding Acceptance Day posted on the Parent Information page. We hope to update that further on May 1st.

    I am waiting for new guidance from USCC.

    If you have academic related questions, please visit the FAQ on the Dean's website; and for questions on AP exams;

    If you have not contacted your local parents club, keep in mind they are another great resource of information!

    Most clubs will have a "send off" for the incoming class; an opportunity for the incoming class and parents to connect! If you need contact information, please let me know.

    Questions....please don't hesitate to ask! We are here to help!

    Best wishes,


    Debra R. Dalton

    Parent Communications Liaison

    West Point Directorate of Public Affairs and Communications

    (845) 938-5650

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