To all you NASSters ...


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Jun 16, 2016

There's still a chance to come to the light side!

In all seriousness, keep your mind open over the next few months as you seriously consider your applications and futures. Consider all of your options! Not just the school but the service and opportunities afterwards, of course. Obviously my plans changed and that's alright. Ironically it was my BGO who encouraged me to apply to West Point and I'm glad that I did. I think it'll be a better fit for me in the end.

NASS was a load of fun. Ask plenty of questions to the midshipmen! Meet as many people as you can and stay in touch. Even going to West Point, I know some NASS friends who are heading to Beast with me soon.

Communicate with your BGO and contact your nomination sources when the times comes. Keep practicing for the CFA and working on your applications! Good luck.

Oh and Go Army, Beat Navy!