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Jun 12, 2006
I feel i am a perfect candidate for USNA with the exception of leadership positions. Basically ever since i was about 13 i have played hardcore non-stop college prep baseball. 24/7 365 days a year. because of this I have not been able to be a club officer (it would not have been fair to club members to have an officer who was never there). For some reason my high school baseball team doesnt have captains. basically all I have is team captain for the freshman high scholl basketball team and some invitations to some leadership forums/conferences (im pretty sure those dont even matter)

this past year as you can imagine i became tired with baseball. burned out. I have seen the light of freedom. so i now have all the free time in the world to be officer of any club i want. the only problem is I'm a senior. will the Academy look at this as something I'm trying to throw in last minute because i havent made an attempt to prepare? or does it matter that im only able to do this now.

BTW funny thing is about a month after i decided to hang it up, i get a letter from the coach of the Naval Academy Baseball program saying that they are interested in recruiting me. Ironic? I definetly would have put up with baseball as a means of getting into the Academy

Heres my pathetic list of ECA's

Spanish Honor Society
National Honor Society
Baseball my whole life (high school varsity soph and junior)
Basketball -Freshman Captain
Various Volunteer Hours

What I plan to do/am doing this year:

BITS/PAL- hang out with kids from local elem schools who have some sort of trouble
Mu Alpha Theta- running for Pres/Vice Pres. pretty much the only club that you dont have to have been in for 2-3 years to be an officer
Tae Kwon Do

any other ideas to beef up this list?
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Any of those will work, and I hardly consider your list pathetic.

Don't sweat suddenly becoming a club officer in your senior year. Most club officers are seniors. :wink:

Have fun and do ECA's that you enjoy. If you can get into leadership positions, then do it. Don't go into this as if it were a mathematics test; there is no formula.

You're doing OK. Keep at it, and good luck.
You sound like a great candidate to me too. My younger son who is now a Doolie at the AF Academy (class of 2010) had a similar issue of not being in alot of leadership positions except a couple his senior year. But like you, he was involved in athletics, school stuff and volunteer activities, as well as having good grades, SAT scores, etc. I think the academies are looking for well-rounded students like yourself, so go for it.