Torn labrum surgery


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May 1, 2017
What effect does torn labrum surgery have on DoDmerb? Specifically wondering if I will be DQ for rotc scholarship due to shoulder surgery due to wrestling injuries in high school. How to proceed? Do I need a waiver if I am fine two years after surgery?
Short answer is you will most likely be DQ'd.
DoDMERB has not leeway for this type of injury.
The waiver process will begin automatically.
You can search on the forum for information. My son had the same situation.
You will be asked for the surgical reports and any records related to follow up care.
You will also be asked for a letter from the surgeon stating the you are "cleared for unrestricted activities".
This is a process and you will need to go through it.
All you can do is promptly comply with whatever is requested.
This type of history is routinely waived, as it was for my son.
Do you have a 4 yr or 3 yr?