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Apr 26, 2008
My father and I are going in for the tour on monday, i had a few questions, how dressed up should i be? I go to a prep school in northern new york and our class dress is like collared shirt tucked in, belt, and nice pants, what would you guys say is a good outfit for the tour and admissions thing?

and the website said something about touring the Eagle so i was wondering if anyone knew if it was in port in order to possibly do this or not

Your outfit is just fine for visit to academy.

Eagle should be in Mazatlan, Mexico next weekend and probably won't be back in New London until next fall.
Wear anything you want really, there's no dress code for civilians. I wouldn't recommend wearing a shirt with some "Mary Jane" leaves on it, or anything anti-Coast Guard, but what you said you might wear is more than enough.

The Coast Guard is very good about making itself accessible to the public, after all, it is the public the Coast Guard serves. It's as easy as calling the unit you want a tour of and asking for one. If that is hard for you to do, there is a number you can use.

The Community Relations Branch of the Coast Guard Office of Public Affairs works with the public. From their website:

How do I find out if there’s a Coast Guard unit near my home, and how do I arrange a visit?

Check out our map and listing of Coast Guard units on our Service's home page at: If you need assistance in contacting the unit nearest you, call the Coast Guard’s Community Relations Office at (202) 372-4620.

I hope that helps a little.

If you have other questions the Community Relations website has a great FAQ page.


gglock, hope the tours helps you make your decision. Will this be your first tour?