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    I am applying to the U.S. Naval Academy and have been medically DQ'd for the following:

    D103.00 Heart/vascular miscellaneous disqualifier $
    D212.10 Chronic neurologic disorders
    D232.80 Other mental disorder, history of

    The heart condition refers to a minor case of Prolonged QT that I was cleared of over 6 years ago. It does not affect me in any way, as I am a varsity football athlete and have made all-conference in my division. The neurologic disorder refers to my Tourette Syndrome which manifests itself only as occasional blinking. The mental disorder/history of must refer to my OCD which is often an accompanying disorder to Tourettes.

    My current status says "pending waiver review/submission". I was wondering what I can be doing to be more proactive in this process? I tried emailing the address on Dodmerb's website but have gotten no response and this was months ago. I have tried emailing again. I know that the Academy has the ultimate say, and have gotten mixed directions from admissions. Some officers have told me to send the Academy information, while others have said to not send anything.

    What should I send and to whom? I truly believe that these issues do not debilitate me in any way nor would put others in harms way (though I cannot say I have been in combat and thus cannot infer what may happen under such a situation).

    Any guidance at all would be much appreciated :)
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    Might try posting your question on the DODMERB section on here. Only those associated with that process can provide accurate information about what you should do.

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