Training with Osgood Schlatter's diesease


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Dec 3, 2007
I had Osgood Schlatters Diesease around September this year. Im about to start up baseball in the spring and I was wondering if anyone here had the sports injury before and if they had any advice on how to start a season with it (like stretches, techniques or anything that helped reduce the pain) It would help a lot because the freshman team really needs me as their captain, and besides I love baseball. And btw, did anyone have this diesease and play with it during baseball???? because my doctor told me that it should only hurt during runnig and jumping activities like basketball and soccer......and on the internet i havnt found any complications with baseball. ALSO, I dont feel much pain anymore (because i havnt played a sport since soccer) it is slowly going away but it may start hurting again as i play
I played soccer with a guy who got that when we were 13ish and we're 17 now and he hasn't been able to play since so... maybe its different for baseball
Osgood Schlatters

Osgood Schlatters is an annoying and frustrating condition that strikes boys preferentially. Eventually it goes away of its own accord as the bones and cartilage in the knee area reach their adults strength. But that may not happen until well into the twenties.

I would think that baseball might be particularly aggravating because of the need to move quickly in all directions. Lots of potential for stressing the afflicted area.

There are lots of stories about people fighting their way through this, but it can be frustrating. Make very sure that you wear your knee support devices, particularly the one that applies pressure just below the kneecap. And do stretch carefully.