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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by NewCollegeParent, Mar 19, 2011.

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    OK our worse case scenerio has happened. DS was not attmitted to Georgia'Tech's Atlnat Campus. THey offered him an "Aliance program: starting in Savannah and finishing at Tech either Atl or thir satelite campus in Savannah. There is ROTC there, but he knows nobody going there. The ROO attached with the campu would consider a transfer but does not want him to plan to leave for Atlanta which is a different batallion. Friday we tourned a local state engineering school which is in the same battalion but he was really unimpressed. I'm sure a good education, but didn't have that real college feel. The back-up plan all along was to go to a close by state school Kennesaw state and get all the Calculus, Physics, Chemistry there. Georgia Tech will accept transfer at 30 hours. KSU is a Host ROTC school in the same battalion. We were hoping to transfer the scholarship to KSU and then back to GT sometime between 30-60 hours. Problem is hat KSU is not an "Engineering School" and his scholarship was for engineering. The csot difference between KSU and GT is probably about $2200/year (5800 vs 8000) with KSU being less expensive. If he has to declare a major at KSU it will be Computer Science. Who would we need to speak to see if a transfer was possible despite the engineering designation. Since his goal is to go to GT, I think it makes sense to stay in the same battalion. We have a meeting with the ROO Wednesday. At this point it sounds like we might have to give a schoarship back to the program. Thanks for any advice from you experienced people.
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    Speaking with the ROO is your best soljution. We can give IFs and Maybes, but you are doing the right thing to go directly to the ROO. Take notes, ask questions. This is one of those times that having parent and student in the room with ROO is highly recommended. This stuff gets confusing. Good luck!!

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