Transfer AROTC Scholarship


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Feb 23, 2017
I received a three year AROTC Scholarship this board but only to my second and third choice schools. I did not even apply for admission to those colleges, however. I was wondering what the likelihood of a transfer would be to my first choice college. I did not apply to my other college options because I felt my first option was the best fit for me. Any information would be helpful, thank you in advance!
I would call the ROO. I know transfers usually happen, however, if there was a spot for you at your first choice school, I would think you would of already been given that? However, maybe someone else did not take a spot at your school of choice. To have the scholarship at all you still need to accept it to one of the schools offered. If either of those schools have rolling admissions I would apply immediately just in case. I would also talk to those ROO's. I know deadlines for deposits are coming soon, but take the time the Army has given you to decide. I know you think you have already made that decision, but having all the puzzle pieces in front of you could be a game changer. I have told this story 100 times, but last year my DD did get the offer to her first choice school (and 3rd - didn't apply because they had rolling admissions, and 4th - her Dad and I "forced" her to apply). She thought she would go to the first choice whether she got the scholarship or not, so we paid the deposit, the housing deposit, etc. Because "she was going there." Period. But after the scholarship was awarded and she talked to all of the ROO's and she looked at the BIG picture, she chose her 4th choice school, a school that the day before she would of stomped her foot and said "I am not going there". She is in the last month of her MS1 year and has no regrets. She also got upgraded to a 3.5 year scholarship there and the school waives room and board, she likes her classes, the school and her cadre and fellow cadets. Not a big fan of the food and wishes there were more sport options to go watch since it is a smaller school than the other choices, but all in all, her choice has been good academically, for ROTC and socially. Good luck and make those phone calls today!