Transfering to a school with AROTC


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Jun 17, 2017
Hey guys, I have a few questions that I can't find the answer to. I've emailed the scholarship and enrollment officer at the school I'm planning to transfer too and he responded that he's on leave for another week and he'd when he gets back. However, I'd like to have a bit of knowledge on this topic asap. So a bit about me I'm a student a CC who will graduate with his AA May 2018. I plan to attend USF(Florida) in Fall 2018 after receiving my AA. My major is Mechanical Engineering. I have a 3.6ish GPA and will have all prerequisites for the major including the calculus sequence and physics sequence before transfering. Will I be eligible for a 2 year scholarship as a transfer student who hasn't taken ROTC? If not will I still be able to attend that last 2 years of ROTC for commissioning? I've read somewhere that if I do end up being accepted to it I'll also have to do a 4 week training program to catch up from the previous 2 years of ROTC? Is this true? Thanks for any and all help with this.


Jun 3, 2017
probably not...sorry man.

But you can still enroll in the program in the fall, KILL THE FIRST APFT, do well, show up, and be put on consideration for scholarship. You got a lot of good things going, so keep your head up.

And yes, you'll have to go to CIET/basic camp in the summer to catch up - like I'm doing
May 2, 2017
Not sure if you heard back from your ROO... lateral entry into the AROTC Advanced Course requires Basic Course credit, either through ROTC 100 and 200 levels, prior enlisted service (or current Reserve or Guard service), or Basic Camp completion. Unfortunately too late for Basic Camp this summer. Talk to your ROO about the accelerated program (needs special permission from Cadet Command). Based on your major, grades and year group, there is always a small possibility. Also take a look at your course requirements after transfer. Often CC grads end up doing 3 years to get the bachelor's degree, especially in engineering; this could give you the opportunity to complete Basic Course requirements this year (and maybe earn a scholarship) and start Advanced Course next fall-18.