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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by tigers06, Jul 16, 2014.

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    I just finished my freshman (MS1) year at an out of state school. I hated everything about the school. I tried to stay positive throughout the year, but honestly it was just a terrible experience and I'm dead set on transferring (probably 2nd semester this coming school year). However, I am on a 3.5 year Army ROTC scholarship. The school I'm looking to transfer to is also an out of state school, although it is about 9 or 10k more a year. I DEFINITELY want to stay in ROTC (the school I want to transfer to has a VERY successful program) though.

    So my question is would I be able to transfer schools? Would the scholarship transfer (especially after already having spent a year at my current school)? Also, I don't know if this is relevant to the possibility of them letting me transfer, but I received an award for having the highest freshman GPA in the battalion and my PT score was a 290. If the scholarship doesn't transfer, I think I'd be willing to drop the scholarship, switch schools, continue on with ROTC at the new school and attempt to earn a scholarship there. Hate to sound so negative, but there is just no way I can stay another 3 years where I'm at now:frown:

    EDIT: Since I am not sure if I'm allowed to transfer, I haven't mentioned any of this to Cadre yet, as I assume it won't go over very well with them.
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    Not an expert at transferring AROTC scholarships but I would recommend you contact the AROTC Commander at your new (proposed) school and see what s/he might advise you. Good luck!

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