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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by KP2013dramamama, Feb 19, 2011.

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    Can anyone please direct us to the forms of ground transportation available from the Denver Airport to USAFA? (besides rental. This chap is not old enough to rent). Our ds is attending the seminar next week hosted by the academy.Thanks!
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    Why not fly DS into Colorado Springs, If I remember there is ground transportation from there to the Academy, which just minutes away.

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    There is ground transport from COS when arriving and to COS when departing. I'm not so sure they offer the same for Denver. Most (I think almost all) of the people who were there last year got the express flight from COS to Denver, myself included. I know it's a little more pricey for a sixteen minute flight, but I thought it was worth it since I didn't have to be lost traveling from Denver to Colorado Springs myself.

    But if it is Denver for you, maybe there's some sort of public transportation?
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    If you fly into the Spring airport, the Academy will provide transport for your son to the seminar.
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    Flying into the Springs is truly your best option but if you want an alternate route from Denver that doesn’t require a rental car you can go this way…

    There is a shuttle bus that runs during the week that goes from Denver to the Springs… it has a few stops along the way but this is basically how you do it…

    1- Take SkyRide Bus (AT bus line) from Airport to Arapahoe at Village Center Station…
    2- Get off and head to Gate H… it’s a little glass enclosure bus stop thing….
    3- Get on the Bus headed to the springs (make sure to ask… the stop services both north bound and south bound route… you want South bound)… and bring exact change the drivers can’t break a $20… and no it doesn’t have to be in quarters the machine does accept bills.
    4- Get off at the Woodmen Park-in-Ride in the Springs…
    5- From there you’re pretty much on your own… I don’t know the bus routes in the Springs that well and if one even goes to the Academy from there… you can take a cab from there to the Academy…

    Figuring out the timing on the bus schedules and when you arrive and when you have to be at the Academy is the tricky part of doing it this way that is why I strongly recommend flying into the Springs… The only reason I’m posting is because you asked for options but I can’t stress enough… it’s 1000 times easier to fly into the Springs and get to the Academy from there. Good luck!

    FREX web site

    RTD web site for SkyRide
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