Travel from WP to NYC


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Apr 13, 2007
Could anyone give me some advice on travel from WP to NYC on R-day? We have the trip there planned, probably by car service or taxi, but we were wondering if there is a train available the evening of R-day or some alternative transportation other than the car service or taxi. There will be more time that evening to schedule travel; we are very concerned about the arrival the morning of R-day. We don't want our cadet to be late. We will not have a rental car unless we can get a rental at 3am. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is a first for us and we are not sure of all the transportation options.
If you have a car up there its about a 1 hour drive, I am not sure if there is a metro north train station in/at/near WP but i know a train to albany is 3 hours and WP is almost half way there so a train should be like 1.5 hours.
There is a Metro North station directly across the river from West Point. IIRC, the academy runs a ferry from the post to a boat club right next to the station, but I am not sure the hours or even if the ferry available to civilians.

I recommend calling the academy because they can advise you on travel alternatives.
I don't think public transportation is all that easy between WP and NYC -
a taxi would be prohibitive I would think. It is 50 miles away.
Renting a car would be cheapest. I bet the car rental places are open in LaGuardia... you might want to call and check to be sure.
How are you getting from the airport to WP?
A car rental for a few hours does seem like the cheapest and most plausable
A couple of thoughts:

1)Consider staying in the Highland Falls/Newburgh area the evening of 7/1 so that you won't have rush hour travel troubles out of NYC on Monday morning.
2)Consider staying in the Highland Falls area the evening of 7/2. You won't have to rush out after the parade and oath.
3)There is most definitely a train service into NYC (to Grand Central Station?) where you can take buses or cabs just about anywhere you need to go. This link should help.
transport to NYC

How many are there in your party?

We might be able to squeeze folks in and get them down to White Plains to catch the Metro North. We live in NYC area.

Furthermore, it is our intention to offer a "home base" for classmates of our son during the school years - if they want to bunk out in a NYC proximity house. I guess that wont be until 2nd year. We are in Westchester County, walking distance from the Metro North train which takes about 30 minutes to get the Grand Central.

Also on A Day I plan to be a feeding station for any and all cadets post-Beast who's folks couldnt make it. We will be bringing up extra burgers and dogs for the grill. Open BBQ.
Thank you, OldProp. The offer is much appreciated. I have never been to the East coast and do not know much about public transportation or trains, since we don't have much of that here. Please forgive my ignorance. Does the train run early in the morning, about 3am? We want to get to WP with time to spare. The one thing I don't want is to be late.
Thank you also for the offer of "adoption" of wandering cadets on A-day. We will not be able to make it, so our daughter will be on her own and it is such a comfort to hear that parents of other cadets who are able to be there will invite her to join them. This is such a wonderful group here and so generous.
Thanks for all the help.
NYC Train to USMA

The train doesnt run from NYC to West Point. Nor does a train run from NYC to our area until 5:30 AM departure - which would be too late.

I am pretty sure we can get you guys back to NYC, but it looks like your going to have problems getting out there in the AM.

From the looks of it, I think you got to rent a car.

If your flying in the day prior, rent it at the airport and drive it to your hotel in NYC. Or better change your hotel to one in Highland NY for Sunday and maybe a NYC hotel for Monday night if you guys are looking forward to seeing the city. You can rent from airport and then drop off in NYC without much of a penalty for the major rental lines.

We will be happy to help any parent or kid through the year if a NYC proximity locale is required, but we are still about 40 miles from West Point, in the northern burbs of NYC.