Tribute to a fallen Warfighter - SFC John C. Beale

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    The following is an email making the rounds in Georgia -- the funeral procession of a member of the Georgia National Guard KIA in Afghanistan. The distance between the airport and funeral home is about 30 miles... the video link is at the bottom of the message:

    For those of you who receive this e-mail that live outside of Ga., please note that Fayette and Henry Counties are part of Metro Atlanta. Both less than 30 min. from the State Capitol. June 11th was real hot. I hope you take the time to watch it.

    Some of us still honor our country and our military. These folks have made it abundantly clear that they do.

    The residents of the state of Georgia made me feel so much pride in our country that I had tears flowing down my cheeks. Take a look at this film and, I’m certain, it will stir up some genuine emotion with you.

    Thank you, state of Georgia, you have renewed my never wavering love of our military.It looks like the whole state of Georgia was out to pay their respects.It makes me proud to be an American and a Georgia DAWG!

    This is long and the hand-held camera is shaky, but it was an honor and a privilege--even a duty of citizenship--to watch every second of it. I kept thinking that these strangers taking time from their day to stand on a hot, dusty Georgia roadside in June spoke more than words of their own commitment to citizenship. You may get a little choked up, but that's a good thing.

    Killed in action the week before, the body of Sergeant First Class John C. Beale was returned to Falcon Field in Peachtree City, Georgia, just south of Atlanta, on June 11, 2009. The Henry County Police Department escorted the procession to the funeral home in McDonough, Georgia. A simple notice in local papers indicated the road route to be taken and the approximate time.

    Nowadays, one can be led to believe that America no longer respects honor and no longer honors sacrifice outside the military. Be it known that there are many places in this land where people still recognize the courage and impact of total self-sacrifice. Georgia remains one of those graceful places. The link below is a short travelogue of that day's remarkable and painful journey. But only watch this if you wish to have some of your faith in people restored.
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    I had the chance to watch the U Tube of S/Sgt John C. Beale's motorcade through the streets and highways of Georgia. I want to thank the people from the Great State of Georgia for their patriotism. They certainly demonstrated it.
    May God bless the soul of S/Sgt. John C. Beale. Thank you for your service, thank you for our freedom.

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