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    This question may sound weird, but is there a way of requesting a DODMERB for a high school senior?

    My son has had been diagnosed with migraines, controlled with OTC (non-prescription) medication. He's had around 4-5 in the last 2 years. I have read that in some cases that medically disqualifies you.

    He's been accepted to several SMColleges, plans to do ROTC and applied for the Army ROTC scholarship. If he wins, I know he has to do DODMERB in order to get the scholarship. But if he doesn't, he won't do a DODMERB until late freshmen/early sophomore year.

    What I am worried about is that if he doesn't pass and doesn't get a waiver, then he cannot have a military career. If he could know that fact NOW, it may influence which school he goes to, which major, whether he should to ROTC at all, etc.

    Any thoughts?
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    First -- I am not a doctor. I'm just a Dad that has been there . . . albeit for a different medical issue . . .

    I am not aware of a way to get a definitive answer except by applying and going through it.

    There are "consultants" you can contact that can look at your case and help you prepare the DoDMERB package and present it in its best light. You can use the search tool in the upper right and find the threads that contain the consultant references.

    Here is the reg DoDMERB uses to decide "Q" vs "DQ": Check out Page 44, item 27 e.

    If DoDMERB says you are "Q" -- you are good. If they say "DQ" based on your DS' history as they apply the reg, then it goes to the waiver authority at the SA or ROTC to decide whether or not they can/want to grant that waiver

    Here is a list of "Non-waiverable conditions" from Army ROTC. The letter expired April 2015 but is still insightful. medical conditions.pdf Item i. might be of concern.

    Best wishes
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    +1 Falcon A

    Here is the link to one of the DoDMERB consultants who has received some positive feedback on this Forum.

    CAPT/Dr. Glen Merchant is a retired former Director of DoDMERB, Naval Flight Surgeon and before that....a U.S. Marine Aviator.

    I have not used him personally, but I do know first hand of some folks on the forum who have had good things to say about him. He is retired and travels a lot so he might not get back to you immediately.

    My oldest DS was DQ'd back in 2004 after being nominated to USMA. I wish I had access to someone like Dr. Merchant back then.

    Good luck!
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    I'm using him now. Great experience. Pm me to discuss further.
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