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Sep 18, 2008
So this week was Homecoming/Spirit Week at my school and we had an Olympics where all of the classes compete against each other. When I was playing volleyball my hand got bent backwards and i felt a pain in my wrist. It didnt help that I had to conduct for the entire football game yesterday, causing me to injure my wrist even more. It turns out I sprained my wrist pretty badly. I was supposed to take the PFE this week and now I am afraid of doing pushups with a bad wrist, especially considering the fact that it hurts to just rotate it, let alone put pressure on it. Any advice?
Yes, wait a week...there is no rush at all for the PFE. Perhaps my learned colleague L59 will help a "newbee" out.
As long as you can submit all your forms by Nov 1, there is no reason not to rest and recover.

My advice?

When you think you are recovered, take a practice test to see what kind of score you get. If it is acceptabe to you, take the real one the next day.
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The mean scores for 2012 women were:

25 cadence pushups (58 points)
70 situps (70 points)
12:55 1.5 mile run (50 points)

Total 178 points.

PS - That's a low "D" (165-199) on the ABCDF scale.
Thanks for the advice! I do have the PFE from AIM so if push comes to shove I can just use that one. I did pretty good, heres what I got back in July:

Pushups: 33
Sit-ups: 65
1.5 Mile Run: 13:10

I know I can already do a faster run and more pushups once my wrist is better.
the new regs has it that you need to get a 200 on the PFE or you are put on remedial

so, you can get in with that and all, but i highly suggest you really work on it so you aren't put on redimial

A friend of mine here on the rugby team failed the PFE by a few points, had to retake it while passing two times while going to morning training (waking up at 5 am) to do so

so if you value sleep, try hard to get it to 200

as for your injury, no worries
if you do early action, they will consider your pfe, but it won't be that much weight in everytihing for early action.
by the time for normal admissions, it should be healed by then
don't worry about it, you'll be fine
and with admissions, i was on the wait list before I got in

My advice is not too worry about it. You need to pass the PFE to get admitted (and since you passed it at AIM you have already met that requirement).

You will be retested during and near the conclusion of swab summer where you will be in LOTS better shape.:smile:

I would only retake it if you think you can do a lot better. Since you have already passed it, I would make sure that you don't reinjure yourself. If there is any chance of a permanent injury, let yourself heal.

My son had to take his 3/c out for training at 5 am due to failing the PFE...he was not HAPPY with that. :eek:
*note to not make 1/c angry by failing PFE and forcing them to get up at 5 am :biggrin: *

I did a practice PFE in pushups and situps last night, I couldnt do the run because the track was being used by like three sports teams. I got 70 situps and 40 pushups...I am psyched! I am shooting for 12:30 and under for the run so we'll see what happens. Im not sure if Ill get a 200 but Ill be pretty close to it!
There is a trickle down effect with mad Company Officers...when they aren't happy, your 1/c aren't happy, but it's the 2/c who should be handling it. Of course, the Guidon is your top 2/c. A mad 2/c is worse than a mad 1/c.

Of course, when you have a mad Commandant of Cadets or even worse, a mad Assistant Commandant of'll know that. :wink:
1/c's don't get as mad b/c they can drop by for a beer at the OC or drive their sweet wheels off campus not to mention play golf and look forward to billet night and graduation.:biggrin: