Trying to figure out what options may be -- are waivers granted for this?


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May 9, 2017
New here...I think I initially posted this in the wrong forum.

My son has just started the application process. We started with the physical -- where a previously un-diagnosed heart condition was discovered! It's one of the most common (and easily corrected) conditions -- BUT, according to the instruction he won't qualify medically until he's 2 years post-op (assuming no symptoms return -- he's a highly competitive athlete, the symptoms he was experiencing were attributed to training, since that is the only place they occurred, and they went away post-training, so his prognosis is very good).

And, here I was worried about getting his "asthma" waived (I put that in quotes, because he has never had an asthmatic episode, he is not being treated for it, and hasn't been for 4 years -- according to his doctor, his symptoms are more in line with Vocal Cord Dysfunction, not asthma. We were scheduling further testing to rule asthma out). Now this.

I don't know how the waivers really work -- and we're trying to explore the various options that may still be open to him (this is all pending further testing and evaluation by a cardiologist).

**GAP Year** to preserve NCAA eligibility in his sport, using MIT Scholars Open Courseware programs to continue his academic pursuits, plus leadership/internship/TA opportunities we have access to. This would get him past the 2 year post-op hurdle required for medical clearance.

**Apply anyway and hope for the best** I'm not sure if specific instructions with regard to health issues are ever waived, even if the candidate is being recruited and has been released to return to all normal activity -- if the rule is 2 years, and he will only be one year post-op. Anyone??

Anyone with any other insights?

Thank you