Turning Down Scholarship.


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May 1, 2008
So I received a letter about receiving an AFROTC scholarship. If I respond to the letter now saying that I would like to accept, is it possible for me to turn it down later on before school starts?
Yes. Don't accept it if you don't intend to keep it though.

Certainly, if you accept it and then receive a late appointment to the AFA in May, you may accept the appointment and then turn down the scholarship offer.
Okay thank you for the response. I just wanted to clear things up.
My son received NROTC scholarship to Villanova University in October and he accepted it. On Saturday, he received his appointment to USNA. He is in the process of sending the notice to ROTC that he is accepting the appointment to USNA.

You can always rescind the scholarship if you get the AFA appointment. Good Luck.
One more question. If the school I attend doesn't have AFROTC but has an AROTC detachment is there a method for me to switch or do I have to go through the process over again for the Army?