Jan 11, 2020
I was recently hired as a tutor via my school district. I have done volunteering tutoring during junior year before and have that in my resume. However, that was for volunteering and this one I am actually getting paid to do so tutoring about 5 hours a week. Should I notify admissions and resubmit updated resume for all service acadmies, ROTC Scholarship, and nomination?
First off, if you gain extracurriculars and you want them added, notify admissions as it will help your CC score as they ask you to continue to update your activities. Secondly, people put down jobs they have they are paid for, so tutoring is no different. It tells USMA admissions you have achieved a high level of competency is a subject to the point where someone has decided to pay you for it. I am unsure however about ROTC or Nomination.
Continue to update your nominations application also, until their deadline.