TWE or Equivalent -is there a "rolling" denial?


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Jun 25, 2016
Heartfelt congratulations to all of those who have heard of their acceptances into the academies! It's an incredible accomplishment and there is much to be proud of.

From reading through past threads, it appears as if you are otherwise entirely qualified you do not find out that you were not admitted until pretty late in the game.

Is my understanding correct? I would imagine that there is a large number of applicants that the admissions department knows perfectly well will not be offered an appointment.

Why do you think they hold off on those notifications when so many acceptances are going out now?
DS was denied last year on April 7.....received offer of Falcon Foundation Scholarship on April 29.....accepted immediately and received his appointment this year late February......
There will be a day reminiscent of "Bloody Sunday" when scores of hopeful applicants will learn their fate. Probably in April.

You can't predict what admissions will do. They operate on their own time schedule. May 1 is a pretty safe "know by" date, but sometimes wait listed kids, and even a few TWE recipients get a surprise in June.
I think there is a rolling denial but there are just a few people who actually work in the process and they are busy this time of year. The academies have a good idea where you sit on your slates and what your chances are. If you only have one nomination and are ranked 7 or 8 on the slate, you probably already have received your TWE. If you are ranked second on your slate and the individual that is ranked #1 has not accepted, you may wait till May or June to find out. You also could have a unique diversity profile that the academy wants and will take you from the additional appointees later in the process. There is no way to know where exactly you stand unless your RC at the academy tells you. Some will tell you exactly and some will be more vague. As long as you have not received a TWE, you still are competing. I think the "Bloody Sunday" happens closer to the acceptance deadline and the class starts to fill out.