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    I'm going to be a cow at WP and my class has affirmation in a few months, and I've decided that I'm going to resign after I finish my summer duties and enroll in an ivy league next semester.

    In my discharge forms, it states that I may receive an "other than honorable discharge".

    My tac from my academic year company says that 99% of cadets don't get an honorable discharge, but my plebe year roommate did. So I'm not sure if my roommate was the 1% (he was a great guy but not a phenomenal cadet, poor physical shape) or if my tac is mistaken.

    Just to clarify, my roommate did receive a full blown honorable discharge, not a general discharge under honorable conditions. I asked to see his discharge papers when I stayed over at his place during opps to confirm.

    So I'm just curious, do cadets normally receive general or honorable discharges?
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    Ain't no such thing as a OTH for resignation from any SA prior to your signing for the full ride or even after. You might want "For The Good Of The Service" discharge.
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