U.S.N.A. Hopeful


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Apr 10, 2008
:rolleyes::tongue:My name is McKeanna. :tongue:I am a high school junior intent on attending the USNA.:eek: I found this site while searching for extra information regarding nominations. I applied for the summer seminar at the academy but have yet to hear back:confused:. Hopefully having the insight of those in the same position as myself will be more than useful. I understand that I have set quite the goal for myself, but I am willing to do everything I can to achieve it. Looking forward to talking to and getting to know other hopefuls!
Welcome! Also a c/o 2013 hopeful! (USAFA first, USNA second)

Best of luck!

Oh and I also haven't heard back from USNA on summer sem. So I'm in the same rut there :bang:
welcome to the website, hopefully you will find some useful information here. Welcome aboard.