Unable to log into portal. Anyone else?


5-Year Member
Aug 7, 2015
DS is getting a maintenance message today when attempting to log in. Anyone else having this problem?
Yep same thing here. This tends to happen once in a while, nothing too interesting going on.
Humm. Still getting the error message. Have not been able to log in for a couple of days. No worries though as it has happened before.
So strange...we've even tried different browsers and still can't get past an error message.
Tried to login again on my Mac and it only received the error message. Grabbed our other laptop (windows based) and received a certificate error message. chose to go to the site anyways and was able to log in. fyi
Try clearing cache and cookies on all your browsers. That worked for DS after the maintenance.
Can't get in either, cleared cookies and cache. Restarted laptop and tried 2 different browsers. No luck.
I went back into the Mac and cleared cookies, then logged out of Safari. Logged back in and it works fine now... fyi