unique case


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Feb 16, 2017
My sister took a semester of AFROTC (non-contracted cadet) in college but was let go after one semester because they didn't grant her a waiver for a 'mental condition'. At the time, she was seeing a psychiatrist at mom's request and the doctor suspected her of having Asperger's and mild anxiety. However, the case was nothing significant; never had panic attacks, never had to do inpatient treatment, no self-harm, no remedial courses, none of that; she was just somewhat socially awkward. She voluntarily mentioned it on the application when she signed up.

After college, she decided to enlist but at MEPS, she did not mention her previous psychiatric counseling or Aspergers on the medical forms and she came through clean after background checks for a 'secret' security clearance. She has since been honorably discharged after completing her full term of service; it's also been 8 years since she was in ROTC. If she wanted to apply to OCS (navy), would they find her history of disenrollment from ROTC in her archives?
Maybe, maybe not. Nonetheless she should be truthful on her DoDMERB application. I would also pull the psychiatric records out there to see what was really written and be consistent with that.
What you don't want happening is getting through DoDMERB and then having a background check find the treatment in conflict with how she answered her DoDMERB questionnaire.

Besides, they will likely see the AFROTC record on file as well. Be aware that the AFROTC cadre may have placed a code on her file flagging her against further commissioning routes.

Good luck to your sister!