Units stationed?


Nov 11, 2017
This is a question that has always bothered me: if one looks at a military base overseas, like camp Zama for example, the units that are stationed there are listed. It will say 1st intelligence battalion or 1st infantry division or something (examples). Yet units rotate out every year or so, don’t they? How can a particular division always be listed as being located at that base? Or if I were in the guard in the 2nd infantry division, how could I be sent to Zama when I’m not part of the unit that’s said to be stationed there?

I hope the question makes sense. If you look on a base website, it lists what look like permanent units. Do only certain units rotate to certain bases if they are part of the overhead Battalion? Like if 1st IN Battalion is stationed at Zama (again, an example) and I am in the guard 2nd IN division which has the 1st Battalion as its parent group, then I would go - but I would never get sent to Italy because the IN Battalion there is unaffiliated with my guard’s units?

I hope that makes sense! I’ve always wondered this. Thanks for any insight.