University Honors Program at Texas A&M


Parent of USNA Appointee '24
Dec 22, 2018
I would love to pick the brains of anyone with experience participating in or currently applying to the University Honors Program at Texas A&M. My son has A&M as his plan B. I was kicked :oops:out of the Univ Honors Program back in 1989 so much of my personal experience is no longer relevant.

We have read through the various web info pieces but the main questions not really answered are: what are the main benefits to UHP other than priority registration (cool at a big school) and ability to put Honors on your resume? Are the classes much smaller (they were in 1989)? What about the College - level honors program (i.e. College of Liberal Arts) and major-level honors programs in some colleges and majors? Other thoughts?

UHP does require participation in freshman honors housing but with an exception for Corps of Cadets students who are of course housed with their unit on the Quad.

Thank you.