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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by OG_Curry, Jul 27, 2009.

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    If one was to be medically disqualified due to the presence of Asthma in their medical history and they fought it by taking a Bronchial challenge test (Methacoline Challenge) or any other test that is needed. So they go take the tests, pass them, and they're granted a waiver since its clear they don't have asthma anymore. Now seeing as they've proven that they don't have asthma, would their waivers permit them to be an Unrestricted Line Officer? Or would they not be eligible for command at sea?
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    Holy cow, that was tough to follow:

    Basically if you are given a waiver for commissioning into the Navy it is understood that waiver is for unrestricted line. If it is not it will come with that restriction already known.

    There would be additional restrictions for certain special duties such as submarine/diving/aviation, but for general SWO it would be fine unless you were told otherwise.
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    OG_Curry - I can't overemphasize how correct kp2001 is in what he said. That said, your question is hypothetical as written. So I'll dissect:

    1. The Naval medical waiver authorities are pretty dilligent is rednering waiver decisions. They "rarely" request Methacholine Challenge tests, but they usually have no doubt about a respiratory issue when: a) under current diagnosis and treatment b) the medical records are unequivocal c) they or order pulmonary function tests and/or pulmonology evaluation. So, "if" they deny a waiver, the results of a favorable MCCT is "probably" not going to alter their decision.

    2. KP2001 is 100% correct. Under current policies, "if" a medical waiver is granted for NROTC, USNA, USMMA, it is assumed is Unrestricted Line without caveats, unless in those extremely rare cases, it specifcally states restrictions.

    3. Finally, an Unrestriucted Line designation, does not prohibit anyone from command on land, sea, or air.:thumb:

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