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    My high school has a program called the Energy Academy. The purpose of the EA is to learn more about renewable resources\energy technology. My current science teacher recommended me to go for it because she thought it would help with my current goal of attending the USMA. This program would replace my English class and science class with an English or science class that was dedicated to energy technology. So do you guys think I should apply?
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    Personally no. I would stick with the basic core classes (4 yrs english, 4 yrs math, Chemistry (honors and AP if you can), physics, etc.). I deal with renewable energy on some of my projects at work. It is an evolving field and will change greatly over the next 10 years. If it is a field you are interested in, you will have plenty time later (masters degree) to specialize.
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    USMA would be more interested in seeing candidates take Chemistry and Physics classes, as those are the classes cadets take their first two years at USMA. I'm not sure what an English class dedicated to energy technology is, but your first year Cadet English classes are composition and literature. You need to be able to read, write and comprehend at a high level, so taking AP/honors or at the very least 4 yrs of English comp/lit would be the most valuable. If you're really interested in EA, maybe you could take these classes instead of another elective. That would mean doubling up on English/Science, so that would be your call based on your interest/ability.
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    Before we answer any more of your questions, you really need to change your title and do not use your real name.

    Stick with what is on the USMA.EDU web site about what classes to take. If you not have a strong chem, physics, math, English foundation you might as well hang it up. These courses are historically the Plebe and Yuk killers. Once you start to fall behind its a slippery slope from there. You must understand, your taking 19 to 23 unit loads, plus military science, plus athletics on top of that. Your days will be booked from 4:30 to 10:30 every day. And if you think you can cram an all night study for the next day test you'll be toast for the next one. The pressure to survive is incredible and most don't have clue how difficult it is.

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