Upcoming TAMU Cadets... I talked to Financial Aid office..

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    Just in case anyone else is checking the Howdy portal daily... Expect financial aid offers to hit the books at "Mid/End March to beginning of April."

    Also, I'm sure everyone's come across this one, but just in case..

    Financial Aid Statistics
    Full-time freshman enrollment: 7,581
    Number who applied for need-based aid: 4,843
    Number who were judged to have need: 2,874
    Number who were offered aid: 2,815
    Number who had full need met: 1,470
    Average percent of need met: 89%
    Average financial aid package: $14,186
    Average need-based loan: $3,874
    Average need-based scholarship or grant award: $9,951
    Average non-need based aid: $3,894
    Average indebtedness at graduation: Not reported


    Not too shabby.

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