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    My DS has his AROTC interview on 8/26/11 at VMI. He was proactive and also scheduled a meeting with the wrestling coach that morning as well since it is one of his top school choices. He had an admissions question and was emailed back today telling him since he was coming to VMI on 8/26 to also stop by admissions as well. According to the VMI website he has to wait until 09/01/11 to actually apply there. I wont be attending with him so he will be all on his own that day, which I think is a good thing. I don't know how all of this will turn out in the end but I must admit I am proud of my son being proactive on his own and trying to make things happen. He also has started making arrangements on his own to visit the other schools he is interested in. The AROTC interview is the last item he has to complete. He already took the DoDMERB physical back in July and the status page indicates they have everything else and he rec'd a letter stating the same thing from CC yesterday. He has also applied to the six schools (will apply to VMI on 09/01) he ranked on the AROTC webiste and got an acceptance letter back from one already too. So I guess now its just hurry up and wait :)

    As I have stated before, this is all new to me and my family so if there is other stuff we need to know please feel free to tell us. Thanks.
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    Doing a mock interview, if you have a friend or two that would help out,
    is never a bad idea.
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    I second gojack's advice. My daughter prepped using a couple of interview question books you can get at a bookstore. These really helped. The types of questions asked in the ROTC interview are very similar to an job interview. Example, "tell me about a time you....". It is well worth it to have the answers to these standard questions thought out in advance with practiced delivery. I think I did 3-4 mock interviews with my daughter before she had the PMS interview. She felt this was of great benefit.
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    I'd practice a few out of the blue "diversity" questions. That was very hard for me to answer. My AFA interview diversity question was about women, my AFROTC scholarship interview was about ethnic peoples. I didn't have a diversity question for the Army or the Navy in either ROTC or service academy interviews. So, your son might, he might not, I don't know.

    And be sure your son has at least three or so well-thought-out questions of his own to ask the interviewer. I think a good question to ask is how military service has impacted his/her personal life, and if his/her personal life has suffered or gained overall from it.

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