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    My daughter has finally solidified her college list (told her no more than 10 and once they were on the list that was it bcause we kept getting so many fliers from so many schools). Here is where she stands:
    1. North Georgia(waitlisted-still her #1 choice)
    2. Liberty University (accepted and recd 11,500 in scholarship money)
    3. Campbell University (accepted and recd 36,000 in scholarship money)
    4. Lander University (applied waiting on decision-not ideal because of travel to unit)
    5. Winthrop (not yet applied-2013 applications just posted not ideal due to travel to unit)
    6. USC Upstate (not yet applied-2013 applications just posted)
    7. Marshall (not yet applied 2013 applications not up yet)
    8. The Citadel (applied waiting on guidance counselor to send info)
    9. Norwich (applied waiting on guidance counselor to send info
    10 East Carolina

    All schools have ACT scores. Choices 8, 9 and 10 are waiting on guidance counselor to send additional info/transcripts. Choices 1-7 already have her transcript. Any feedback on these choices?
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    Good schools. Good luck!

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