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    Jan 14, 2013
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    Since the sticky on waiver timelines is somewhat outdated I wanted to know what others are currently seeing for timelines. Be sure to state if waiver was granted, denied and or appealed and final outcome. For instance:

    'DS DQ'd for history of anaphalxyis on 2/15/13. 3/20/13 sent additional medical info to DoDMERB and told to check status in 3-4 working days. Checked 8 working days later and no status change. Inquired to DoDMERB again and was told all info currently being reviewed by DoDMERB Dr., no new timeline given. Current status "pending waiver review".
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    DD DQ'd for history of <keeping private> on 3/19/13. per request of Air Force, sent medical report & letter to DoDMERB 04/04/13. trolled DoDMERB website status everyday until 04/09/13 -- that day, DD received an email from AF, saying Waiver Granted. WOOHOO!! Current status Army: Pending Waiver. Current Status Air Force: Waiver Granted. :smile: Now wondering how long Army will take to review her file??:confused:
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