Urgent Application Question


Dec 5, 2016
The deadline is tomorrow and I have completed everything for the USNA application, however, they do not have my high school transcript which my school sent in the mail two weeks ago. They should have that by now I hope. My Medical Examination is incomplete because I just received a package from DoDMERB only 2 days ago for an appointment , which I have scheduled to take next week.
Everything else is complete.
Will my application be closed?
I would really appreciate any advice!!
Don't fret KLC. My DS is a college reapplicant and it took several weeks for his transcripts to show up on his portal. He called a couple weeks ago and was informed that as long as transcripts are postmarked by 1/31/17 it satisfies the deadline requirement. I guess there is one individual in admissions who uploads the transcripts to the portals and she has quite the stack I'm sure. Among other duties.
My DS had his transcript mailed on Halloween and it did not post to his application until five weeks later on 12/06.