USAA Insurance Support


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Dec 13, 2010
For those who don't know it, So. California is facing tremendous fire danger and many of the communities around Camp Pendleton are facing mandatory evacuations.

When you consider what insurance to purchase, consider this: I heard today that USAA is helping those evacuated by transferring money into member's accounts to cover their hotels plus $35 a day per person per diem. They will cover up to two weeks if needed. This has to be for a MANDATORY EVACUATIONS.

I have been a member for over 35 years, in part, because of approaches like this.
My 2LT and room mate were displaced by a fire in their condo rental building. Not allowed to reoccupy for ten days. One call to USAA with a twenty minute wait on hold and the reservation was made and paid directly by USAA. Very good customer service.
DD is Company Commander and also Adjutant. She is going crazy coordinating evacuations and trying to track everyone down. USAA is a great company but they don't provide address for new locations (not their job). Family first and reporting my location would be last on my list. If they are scattered all over you can't report "All Present or Accounted For". She says it is a nightmare tracking down personnel and families from the evacuated areas and checking if they are OK. Then again that is why she gets the big bucks.