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    Very well aware that this is not a place to check for certainty only the admissions board can do that. I am just looking for some insight on my application from others who have gone through the process and can steer me in the right direction so to speak from basic bare-bone stats etc....

    Highschool Senior applying for c/0 2022
    Rank: 64/533
    GPA Weighted: 4.7
    GPA Unweighted: 3.97

    12 AP Classes:
    Human Geo
    World History
    US History
    Physics 1
    English 3
    English 4

    Marching Band- Member all 4 years
    Section Leader Jr year
    Senior Drum Major Sr yar
    1st chair top ensemble SR year

    Student Government Senior Class officer

    Wrestling: JV/V (the positions change each week considering we have a large team) 11th/12th

    TACT: Teenage Communication Theater: Outside of school activity to teach underprivileged kids (juvie foster etc..) about Sexual Education, Drugs, and Alcohol- roughly 60 hours of volunteer work

    National Honor Society
    Science National Honor Society

    Also Rec letter from 4 Star Army General

    I know this is incredibly bare bones and this does not reflect the time put into my app in the slightest just wanted another perspective thank you so much
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    As you know, only the admissions committee's assessment of your application/qualifications matters. With that in mind, I would simply suggest you review previous class profiles ( an example) in order to get a glimpse at some of the demographic data from recent appointees. This will give you a broad view in which to compare were you stand in similar areas. Don't spend a lot of time obsessing over what may be well intended advice yet not have any real value based on simply what someone believes to be true but really is only guessing about. You certainly already understand that it is a very competitive process and you want to be the best candidate possible in as many areas as possible (academics, leadership, athletics, community service). Your ALO is also a great resource in assisting with your application/qualification questions. Good luck!
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    I agree with HuskyPilot. There really is no point in stressing out on what stats you have. Being a recent graduate and hearing several of my own classmates' stats, there is only correlation from stats to acceptance, not causation. I will personally tell you that I was nowhere at near the average stats for the acceptees. To be honest, I think I was totally below average for my year. I literally applied to USAFA because it was a free application and I heard from my ALO that I get paid to go to college. I got a Congressman nomination and completed my application. I got accepted.

    Like all college acceptances, there are many factors that come into play when they want to accept students. Your academics and extracurriculars are just two things they look at. Don't beat yourself up on worrying. If you get accepted, then congrats! But if you did not, it is not the end of the world.
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    The quick answer is that your stats and overall application looks competitive. If you have not done so already then I would concentrate on getting the MOC nomination. Let the staff members who lead the process for your MOC know of your interest and be early in completing their application.

    Search this site prior to interviews and look at advice and suggestions on preparation for the interviews. Just continue to prepare and understand that is all you can control.
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    I would agree that the stats look competitive and the next step is to complete your MOC nomination applications. It is really too late to change much else in his application unless he can fit one more ACT test in.

    One more note, a LOR from a retired general officer may help in the nomination reviews but not have any impact on the admissions board.