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Nov 18, 2007
i wonder if during orientation i would be able to meet my admissions offcer- the person who updates my application. she was really nice and helpful (i called a lot), and it would be cool to meet her and thank her in person.
Flyboy you are a mom's dream!!!

I think thanking all those who helped along the way is very appropriate. I don't think there's EVER an inappropriate time for a thank-you! :smile:

D enjoyed meeting her Admission's person and the Regional Director of Admissions when she went for a "shadow a cadet" day last year. She emailed in advance to make sure they would be available and her cadet took her over to meet them. I'm sure you'll be able to fit that in. If it doesn't work out, a hand-written thank you would mean just as much!
okay, thanks, i will definitely do something to show my appreciation. and thanks for the compliment, lol!
Hornet are you hosting Flyboy?

That's awesome if you are! You take Flyboy wherever he wants to go!! He wins the "most ambitious future cadet award" if you ask me!!
thanks flymom, that means more to me than you might think :thumb: and don't worry hornetguy, it will be a short trip :cool:
I'll just introduce him to his next BCT group commander and some of the staff. ;) Don't worry, you won't get the same experience as redhead!
what happened to readhead? lol. and i get to meet my BCT commander? should i be excited or worried? haha
worried if you were redhead. lol. She decided to be obnoxious to me. I got revenge 10 times over. :) Make up for it later!
obnoxious? lemme guess, by asking too many questions? (in that case- i had better watch out! Lol)
nope. Having a random picture of me as her computer background, making fun of me as much as she could, running away with my cell phone...
Hey Horneyguy...would you mind if I met up with you during orientation? I think I'm going to meet the Pres. of 2011 while I'm there.
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

:eek:oh dear....I'm just going to think positively and assume that was a typo..:eek:
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Thanks for the laugh this morning, af2012! I have a feeling you'll be reminded of this little incident during BCT.....:smile:
Well...never mind Hornetguy... I don't know if I want you to know who I am now! lol!
Can't wait to meet you af2012, then again this summer. >:) Naw, no worries, that's pretty funny. :) I plan on meeting most CCers and SAF peeps during orientation, sounds good to me. And, I would find you out anyhow, people last year discovered that too. Not in a bad way no worries. As I try to emphasize, I'm a BCT EMT, one of the nice guys!