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Mar 15, 2017
Does anyone here know anything about the AFROTC/AFJROTC nominations to USAFA? By that I mean, on average, how competitive is it to get one of the 20 apppointment slots, and do notifications for them come out later than they do for those with MOC noms?
All ROTC related nominations are treated equally by law at any SA. It is competitive to get an appointment with this nom because as it also includes college students, and the USAFA is not obligated to use all 20 spots. In fact Getting an appointment with only this nomination is a miracle from heaven, I have friends that were rejected because they were only able to secure this nomination and all of them were well qualified. The bad thing with ROTC/JROTC nominations is that you are not eligible for the NWL for some reason, someone can bit into this more. As for notification of this award, you can apply for it anytime during application process and once it has been processed it will appear on your portal. You will not receive any formal email or mail telling you of your status. Lastly, you won't be notified notification before others except you received an LOA, another thing is if you finished your application early with a nomination, by law the SA has to review your file.
Understood. I'm in college and an AFROTC cadet right now, and unfortunately the AFROTC one is the only one I have. I had heard somewhere that they don't always fill all 20 slots as well, and was wondering why. Is it due to the fact that the Academy simply does not have enough space, along with the fact they are not obligated to accept them?
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Correct, if they took all 20.. they will go over their limits. Many people including me:D sometimes say( ah it's only 20 people) well every number counts, and because there is a law in place the SAs usually try not to go too high. Remain positive, you could be one of the few to get in with only an AFROTC nom, it happens and I myself have one of such noms. So I am hoping if MOC doesn't work out I can slip in with ROTC nom. Good luck!!
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