USAFA and Food Allergies


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Jun 18, 2008
Does anyone know of a past or present USAFA cadet admitted w/ a food allergy? Just wondering if waivers for food allergies have ever been provided? I know of several admitted to USMA, but their overall admission criteria for minor issues is more forgiving. Thank you.
My DS was going to be appointed early by USAFA Admissions based on his record and his Presidential nomination, but was denied entry due to his allergy to pitachios ... Pitachios! DS did earn a 4 yr national AROTC scholarship to VMI and AROTC granted the medical waiver. AF medical waiver authority is nuts! ... ;-)
^^ Thank you for your information. Similar situation, competitive app, nomination in place, allergy to something inconsequential resulted in a DQ, and waiting to find out if waiver is possible. Unfortunately, given circumstances, nom was to USAFA and not USMA.