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    Nov 18, 2012
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    I am sophomore at my high school, and I am currently working on my associates degree. Does the Academy consider that AT ALL in the application process (that I will be doing in 1.5 years in my junior year)? By my spring semester in my junior year, I will probably be over halfway done, I am just wondering if anyone else has worked on it and had a better chance. Sorry if I sound ignorant, I just recently understood that I wanted to join the USAFA.

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    College Classes

    Yes the air force will look at the college classes and apply your college GPA as well. My DS high school GPA was a little low to be competitive for admission. He took 18 units in college with a 3.95 college GPA and was deemed competitive. Do remember that regardless of the college units earned you will still do 4 years at the academy. But that being said the college classes will be counted and may allow you to pick some interesting electives that you will enjoy. Also remember the academy is very competitive and they look for the well rounded student, so sports and volunteering as well as leadership counts also.
    Good luck!

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