USAFA Candidate - College Student?


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Dec 8, 2016
I am not asking anyone to "Chance me" but rather just curious how the board looks at a candidate that is a college student with 34 credits, and currently enrolled in 14 more for the spring semester. My application is just now complete because USAFA wanted my fall semester transcript. I finished with a 3.67 GPA and a B in Calculus II. I also had a pretty superb high school record (Class of 16') and very active/ 6 Varsity Letters. I didn't apply for Class of 20' because I was being recruited for football to an FCS School but tore my labrum and loss some of my scholarship, after a year of local state college and I just recently received my medical waiver from USAFA, I feel ready.
M.O.C- Nominated
SEN.- Alternate Nominee (waiting to hear back)
ACT- 31